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 MOD pl0x? (moderator application)

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Ryans Lover
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PostSubject: MOD pl0x? (moderator application)   Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:16 pm

hey this might sound pushy but i notcied so far we have like 3 players on forunms daily (not makeing fun) BTw i did scare this shit outta the granny useing my slipknot mask XD :lol!: but i was wondering if i could get a promotion i tink that i deserved one on hydra like honestly HAYDON WTF? shes like mean as hell and nalestom is cool but hes been there 4 like 2 months.. anyway i was wondering since i am a good player and all that.. =] if i could be our first moderator? (i dont deserve amdin) <== I cant hald ethat much power.. but i think if i was a mod i would be a kickass one i would enfforce rules..(not being a pirck like pinecone up my ass) but i would enofrce them im friendly but i can be strict barely lmao =] i think i would make a great mod so here is meh application

C4N 1 PL0X H4z M0d LM40 JK

But honestly i think i would do great things for this server (non sexually) Unless u want to Shocked But anyway comment back ppl0x lmaoo

I dont even know if i can apply but if i can here it is =]
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Mr Ryu
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PostSubject: Re: MOD pl0x? (moderator application)   Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:19 pm

We already have two moderators unfortuneately and are currently not recruiting untill we have a larger player base.

One day we will possibly take moderator requests but untill then we hand pick our teams and asking will infact decrease your chances of becoming a moderator.

Thanks, Endura Scape Staff.
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xAcid Tripx

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PostSubject: Re: MOD pl0x? (moderator application)   Mon Aug 10, 2009 4:20 pm

Yes and Haydon is a moderator on here, and it is a guy not a girl.
So watch what you say...
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PostSubject: Re: MOD pl0x? (moderator application)   

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MOD pl0x? (moderator application)
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